Price list

If the Vehicle, at the end of the rental, is lost or totally or substantially destroyed, the entire cost (including VAT) of the Vehicle is charged to the Customer depending on the rented model:

  • Husqvarna TE 250i 10.390,00 €
  • Husqvarna TE 300i 10.800,00 €
  • Husqvarna FE 250 10.900,00 €
  • Husqvarna FE 350 11.355,00 €

In case of damage to the rented motorbike, the following rates are applied (VAT included):

ItemReplacement for breakage – EuroDamage without replacement (when it is not indicated, the option is not provided) – Euro
Labor50% spare part value
Exhaust protection110.00
Silencer protection35.00
Front brake disc protection35.00
Rear brake disc protection200.00
Clutch lever30.5010
Front brake lever29.4010
Gear lever56.0010
Rear brake lever68.4410
Handguards (pair)29.0410
Throttle control42.03
Engine protection79.3610
Front brake disc112.00
Rear brake disc91.26
Crown guard / chain guide33.6710
Front fender39.9610
Rear fender57.8910
Right radiator223.9930
Left radiator223.9930
Radiator conveyors94.3720
Radiator guards27.6910
Saddle cover50.8110
Right side panel46.6710
Left side panel46.6710
Fork protectors45.7510
Front headlight support19.4610
Front headlight94.3720
Rear light support21.4710
Rear light74.6620
Front table29.0410
Front forks1449.24
Upper triple clamp177.33
Lower triple clamp223.99
Rear shock absorber1145.86
Triangular shock absorber linkage242.66
Link rod shock absorber lever205.33
Front rim186.66
Rear rim205.33
4T exhaust manifold181.4830
2T exhaust manifold399.2550
Right footboard32.7010
Left footboard32.7010
Front brake pump215.70
Rear brake pump125.48
Clutch master cylinder215.7
Front brake caliper285.72
Rear brake caliper265.13
Right frame188.00
Left frame188.00
Motorfinal cost
Electrical systemfinal cost
Items not listed

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